Constant Hum

It rattled through me, settling deep in my heart.  A constant hum vibrating softly.  A mindful reminder to be grateful and to continuously hear within.  Bring courage to the surface shattering my fears Fears that are self-inflicted and fears that are learned.  Expressing the unexpressed through compassionate words.  Loving-kindness actions with conscious silence. 

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I know what I have given you. I don’t know what you have received. To give from the heart.To give without expectation.To give with the unknowing of what others will receive.To give knowing you gave all you had. You can’t control what others receive. You can’t even control what others think you can receive. Giving is […]

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Some Days Are

Some days are harder than others and seem as though they will never end.  A setback piled on top of loss, layered with disappointment, uncertainty and self-doubt then sprinkle a little Self-judgment on top. No, this is not a whoa-is-me self-pity post. I mean, if we’re being honest, don’t we all have days like that?  […]

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Inner Working of the Mind

This is a time of introspection.▪️A time to look closely at the inner workings of the mind.▪️A time to engage with the rawness of your heart.▪️Merging them together.▪️Shifting beliefs.▪️Letting go of what no longer serves you ▪️Ending that chapter of your story.▪️Opening doors.▪️Holding true to your power.▪️Leaning into patience.▪️Stepping closer to your edge.▪️Reprogramming the programmed.

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There is Nothing to Fix

Once you acknowledge the permanent impermanence of the world. Once you accept that all you ever really have is this moment. Once you begin to grow the intimacy within and let go of the duality of good and bad. You will step into the knowing that there is really nothing to fix.

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I Published a Book

Edges by Deanna Life is full of edges and this was a giant leap over one of my life’s edges. My life’s edges are different than your life’s edges, which are different than the next person life’s edges. It’s up to each and everyone of us to learn our personal life’s edges, step through the […]

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